Our Service

When you sign up for the AFRESH! fruit delivery service you get four quarts of fruit delivered to you at your home or work place once every other week. There are usually between three and seven types of fruit in each AFRESH! basket. Almost always, three out of the following four types of fruit will be in each basket:


We then add on things like grapes, peaches, tomatoes (yes, they're fruits too) or any other type of fruit to give you a well-rounded selection. Each time we deliver fruit to you, simply have your empty basket (unless it is your FIRST delivery) and trade that for a new basket full of fresh fruit! It's as simple as that.

You don't have to spend fifteen minutes selecting and bagging the fruit (all fruit delivered is hand-selected by AFRESH!) AND it comes right to you in a cute little poplar wood basket manufactured locally by Roof Basket Works (http://roofbasket.com) in Lexington, SC.

If you would like to start the AFRESH! Delivery service at home or work, fill out and send our sign-up form located on our "Contact Us" page
You'll then get a reply e-mail from AFRESH! notifying you of your first delivery date and time.

That's it!
Send that quick e-mail to us and you too will soon be starting AFRESH!

WAIT! What about veggies?

We're glad you asked! We kind-of thought you would, though. After delivering farmers market fresh fruit to our current customers, they eventually asked the same question. And we answered. The same quality that goes into our fruit basket is what you can expect from our vegetable basket. Customers asked, and we delivered. Our AFRESH! vegetable basket can be added to your fruit basket delivery for only $17.99 per month! Fruit and vegetables delivered to you straight from the farmers market? That's eating well! That's living AFRESH!